2017 the Year of Regained Destiny:  As 2016  was a year of loss in many ways, 2017 will be a year of gain. Even on the national scene God revealed 2016 as the Year of Tyranny and the outgoing administration was bent on trying to establish a dictatorial govrnment at odds with God's design for America; 2017 will be a year of regained destiny as America moves back into it's God's given direction once again fulfilling it's role in the nations of the world.---On a personal level the Lord revealed some things that will help each individual regain lost destiny or parts thereof. The Lord revealed a set back is  a setup for a new beginning in the future. Hidden treasure will be revealed to those following the Lord. For some it will be easily dicovered but for others it will be discovered after seeking. In relation to this revelation much unclaimed provision is waiting to be received by His people. Unclaimed provision remains unclaimed by a lack of moving forward. The Lord showed strongholds come when bitterness is lodged in the heart. They can go as quickly as they came when bitternes is purged from the heart. Don't let the sun go done on your wrath. As strongholds are released in your life you can go forward and regain destiny and provision in your life. Entreprenurial opportunities will abound in 2017. God is going to release a great desire to display one's God given gifts and talents. Some will give these gifts. Some will use these gifts to help them prosper and establish themselves in life.--- In 2017 the rain of of the Lord's Presence will come in our lives and minds. Many victories will be won through the Lord's anointing. Also more visitations will occur in 2017 for those who will go onto the secret place and wait. Visions and manifestations will come. The revealed,"Boast not thyself about tomorrow for you do not know what a day will bring forth." Seek god for what is going to happen and you will know what is coming.----The Church triumphant will march into 2017 with banners waving. those banners will say victory, triumph, deliverance and healing. Many will be healed of longstanding illnesses, of regrets over past failures. Signs of God's blessing will abound in many lives and churches as God releases things long held back waiting for the right time to be released. Shouts of victory will once again be heard in places where voices had grown silent by defeat.--- 2017 is also the year of caring for the lost. God wants His Body to go after lost souls. Less caring about self! More cating about the lost! The Church will regain this part of Her destiny this year.

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